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How a hand job by an Service girl Can Spice Up Your Sex Life Right Now

If you have never received a hand job from a girl in your life, it is difficult for you to even realize how amazing the experience can be. In fact, many boys get initiated into sex life during their puberty and adolescent years through hand jobs only. All boys come to know about their sexuality and the fun associated with it when they accidentally rub their own tools and reach an orgasm. Only a lucky few get a girl to do this exercise for them. If you have not tasted the pure bliss from this simple act which forms one of the pillars of foreplay, you have missed out on a lot of fun and excitement in your life.

Whether you are a married man or a bachelor, you need to add foreplay in your sex life to spice it up. There are many activities that are included in the broad umbrella term called foreplay. Yes, your tongue plays a crucial role in enhancing sexual pleasures when you engage in position 69 with your girl. But most men agree that there is no substitute for an amazing hand job from a beautiful and sexy Delhi escort. Just like your partner loses all control over her feelings when you dexterously strike her clitoris, you will find that you are in paradise when your escort strokes your erect tool slowly but firmly in a bid to help you reach your orgasm.

Perhaps the easiest way for an escort to bring the limp manhood of her client to life is to begin stroking it. When you are in the sweet company of your escort and somehow not ready for action, she can make you interested in her by simply grabbing your tool from over the shorts you are wearing. Most men love to be touched in this way by their escorts. If your escort senses you are tired or not yet ready for hot action on the bed, the best weapon in her armory is a hand job.

Escorts are unlike ordinary sex workers who are always in a hurry as they have to finish the task with you and prepare for the next client. This is not the case with quality Delhi escorts who in any case charge a hefty amount of money from their customers. These gorgeous women are classy and do things in a very sophisticated manner. They know that making a hurry in sex and foreplay kills all the excitement and fun associated with these activities. Your lovely escort will caress the tool softly with her hand and continue to strike it like this for some time to make you mood. It is only when she senses your interest that she will go on to take off your shorts. As your tool is pulled out and grabbed by your escort, you feel a surge of adrenaline in your body. It is just the beginning of an ocean of pleasure waves that your escort is determined to send to your body and mind in the next few minutes.

Just like women, men also love to indulge in foreplay. You tend to be the first to touch, caress, and explore the private parts of your escort because men are supposed to make the start. But if you do not wait and slow down your activities, you can miss out on all the fun and excitement that is in store for you in the form of a hand job. So take your time and be prepared to slow down things if you are really interested in experiencing a wonderful hand job from your escort.

Most men expect miracles in the bed from their escorts but forget the basic rule of giving their own best to have a wonderful sex session. Foreplay plays a very important role in preparing you for your best performance in bed later on. You are actually making your escort wet by fingering her and by kissing her everywhere on her body. Of course, it also helps in hardening your tool but you just wait till the time when your escort decides to take things in her hands literally.

If you have a wife who shows no interest in holding your tool in her hands, let alone stroking it to make you feel excited, there is every chance you have not tasted this wonderful experience in your life. However, there is no need to worry as there are many beautiful Delhi escorts who would give you a hand job and even a blow job gleefully. A hand job is the most basic of foreplay exercises that comes-in first before you can indulge in position 69 or a blow job.

All men get initiated into sex by discovering their own sexuality during puberty years. They find that when they rub or caress their penis, it feels very good. Boys spend a lot of time playing with their own tools and in the process, they learn the secret of sex which is masturbation. You must have discovered your sexuality in much the same way during adolescence and masturbated your way to a blissful experience for many years to come. However, as you grow older, you find that there is a better and easier way of reaching your orgasm and that is to have intercourse with a female partner. But masturbation remains your first love and plays an important role in foreplay to prepare you for tough and intense sessions on the bed with your partner.

Why stroke your own tool when you have a beautiful and sexy escort to do the job for you? Yes, escorts know that it is necessary to prepare the client mentally and physically by caressing him and by stroking his body parts. The most erogenous zone in the body of a man is his penis and the testicles. This fact is realized by escorts who know that the easiest way to reach the heart of their clients is to bring amazing bodily pleasures to them.

The art of hand job has been perfected by escorts through trial and error. This is the reason why the same hand job feels irritating and leaves a bad taste in the mouth when attempted by an ordinary sex worker. On the other hand, the hand job given by a good-quality escort feels like heaven to the client because she is aware of when to increase the pressure and when to slow down or increase the pace of movement of her hands. Some men have a thin outer skin over the head of their p[enis which does not pull back easily. Also, they also feel the friction when they are not sufficiently wet.

If your Delhi escort Girl gives a violent movement by pulling back and forth the skin over your penis, you will also not like the exercise at all. She knows this fact and this is why she makes use of a lubricant over your penis to reduce this friction. Now her hand glides on your tool and it feels fantastic to you. But the real magic lies not in this movement of hands back and forth but the amount of pressure applied by the escort. An experienced escort knows how much pressure to apply and at what speed she should move her hands up and down on your penis.

The hand job given by a beautiful and experienced escort feels like heaven to her clients. Just imagine relaxing on a couch or bed with a pillow under your head and watching your sex escort using her manicured hands to bring sexual pleasure to you through a hand job. It is an experience beyond description in words. This is why it is said that you can spice up your sex life by simply asking your escort to give you a hand job.

One big reason why a handjob given by a high-quality escort feels so good is that she controls the movement nicely to maximize the fun for the client. What fun it would be if your escort were to be in a hurry and finish the job within seconds. Yes, it is theoretically possible to bring an orgasm to a man inside a minute if his penis is rubbed vigorously by the escort without any pause. Delhi Escorts know that there is no point in hurrying up during this exercise as it is meant to bring lots of sexual pleasure to their clients.

The real secret behind a wonderful handjob lies in the ability of the escort to know when to slow down and even stop abruptly so that the client does not ejaculate before he really wants. An experienced escort knows by her experience and the facial expressions of the client when he is nearing his orgasm. At times it becomes unbearable for the client and he is about to explode. This is when the escort needs to take away his hand from the tool of the client. The semen is manufactured in the testicles and it rises through the veins to burst out from the hole in the penis when the constant movement of the outer skin up and down creates sufficient pressure for it.

A wonderful hand job is not the most sought-after service from the escorts. This is the reason why escorts focus more upon other special services such as blow job, anal sex, position 69, and jumping in the bathtub with their clients. But a good quality escort knows that she should work upon her technique of giving a hand job as many men demand this kind of sexual pleasure in the form of foreplay. So if you are desirous of a heavenly experience through a hand job when visiting an escort, make sure to post a request for an escort who is really good at it.

The expert escort will begin by taking a lot of lubricant in her hands. She understands the importance of a lubricant in reducing the friction when she is applying pressure and also when she is using back and forth motion to excite the client. Unlike the blow job where the bulk work is done by the tongue and the mouth of the Delhi escort, it is simply the hands of the escort that work together to bring amazing bodily pleasures to the customer. Many escorts do it with the least interest which is why their clients do not enjoy the act at all. On the other hand, an experienced escort knows how much satisfaction she can bring to the mind of her customer if she does it the right way.

Have you become fed up with the tantrums of your wife and the quickie offered by her in the name of sex? Does she deny you the simple pleasures of life such as oral sex and even a hand job? Well, there is no need to lose interest in your sex life altogether as you can always experience a wonderful handjob from a beautiful and sexy escorts in Delhi. In many ways, this hand job can help in rejuvenating your sex life as it brings heavenly bodily pleasures and prepares you for a wonderful session of sex with your partner.

Ask for a hand job from your escort the next time you pay a visit to her. You have ignored this important part of foreplay far too long to your own detriment. Once you taste the sexual pleasures associated with a hand job, you will be a changed man altogether. This heavenly experience has the capacity to rejuvenate your sex life completely. Don’t be afraid of ejaculation and lost erection after the hand job. It is the job of your escort to see to it that you become excited once again quickly to start a hot round of sex on the bed.

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